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With know-how since 1935, our main objective is the creation of work of art in the form of men’s footwear.
Combining the boldness of the design with accumulated wisdom through nearly a century of manufacturing footwear, we’ve conceived a unique and distinguished product. The precision and dedication of our artisans mirrors a quality product full of uniqueness.


We work so that De Gier is a brand intimately connected to its clients, not only looking to provide them shoes, but to give them a foundation for a well-being in day-to-day.
We want men to begin to better understand the fetish that women have with shoes, equipping our products with an even higher quality, bringing comfort and glamour to levels never experimented in men’s footwear.
We are moving to a larger adjustment to the needs of modern man, who has aesthetic concerns and seeks to surround himself with goods of excellence.


The beginning of men’s footwear creation by De Gier dates back to 1935. We rely on the teaching of 4 generations to devote to our shoes. We use our long history to add value to our shoes, since already a lot of knowledge was absorbed in its production over the years.
The thoroughness of the shapes and the seductive colors enhance the uniqueness of the shoes. De Gier seeks to design its shoes unique and innovative shapes, in order to create a unique piece, only being associated with the brand De Gier.
Art and Crafts
Each piece is made with enormous passion, manually developed by technically skilled craftsmen. Creating not only top quality shoes, but elevating footwear to the point that man could feel it and admire it in the same way he does with other forms of art.
It is an intrinsic value to the brand, and it is shown by the style and grace of the lines in the shoes. We seek the noble and beautiful form of footwear. We work with great care to manifest the perfection of the shoe.